Wi-Fi Optimization

Updated on 2022-03-04

1. Which products support Wi-Fi Optimization? 

Network Type Support or Not Limitation
Enterprise AP Support NA
Reyee AP Part of Reyee APs support

1. Wi-Fi Optimization is not supported if there is only RAP2200(F) or RAP1200(F), but no EG in the network. That is, if a project has only 100M APs but no EG, Wi-Fi Optimization is not supported.

2.  The firmware version should be P53 or higher (Except P60).

3.  There is only one master device in the network.

Reyee EG + Reyee AP Part of Reyee APs support The firmware version of EG and AP should be P53 or higher (Except P60).
Home Router No support

Note:  If there is no Reyee EG in the network, Wi-Fi Optimization can be enabled on less than 50 Reyee APs. That is, 50 1000M Reyee APs can run Wi-Fi Optimization even without Reyee EG. The Enterprise APs do not have this limitation.

2. What's Wi-Fi Optimization?

Wi-Fi Optimization is an intelligent and automatic RF optimization scheme tailored for complicated scenarios with multiple APs. It is supported on Enterprise APs, most Reyee APs, and EGs. After Wi-Fi Optimization collects spatial information, including SSID, channel, signal strength and client status (transfer rate, delay, packet loss rate etc.), it analyses information through the intelligent algorithm to provide the optimal network solution (channel and power planning for each AP), and automatically adjusts the configuration of APs in the network.

3.Why is Wi-Fi Optimization needed? What's its benefits? 

Imagine that you need to optimize over 100 APs. However, the roaming effect of auto channel optimization is not satisfactory, and it takes too much time to manually adjust the channel and power. Or imagine an office with dozens of APs whose network connection is unstable for some PCs or phones. Clients may experience web buffering and low speed. Wireless network optimization used to be time and labor consuming. But now, with Wi-Fi Optimization, you can complete the optimization of all APs by one click. 

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