Ruijie Cloud App V3.4.0 Updated on June 8, 2021

Updated on 2022-11-04

1.Support new scenario configuration.

   1. 1 Optimize the scenario selection on create project process.


  1.2 User can change the scenario setting on project detail page.


 1.3.Add new basic configuration: Wi-Fi configuration


       1.4 Add new basic configuration: Wired configuration


          图片9.jpg 图片10.png

       1.5 Add new scenario configuration: Guest Wi-Fi


       1.6 Add new scenario configuration: Smart Flow Control


     1.7 Add new scenario configuration: CCTV


           1.7.1  Loop Prevention


          1.7.2 NVR Login



2. Improve Login Page


3. Support to view my clients(SI) for VAD.


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