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Updated on 2021-02-02

Select MONITORING DEVICE to display the Devices page, and select a network on the top to filter devices.

1. WiFi Router List WiFi Router List-1.png

The WiFi Router List displays basic device information, including the online/offline status, SN, MAC, alias, management IP & public IP, offline time, network, model, firmware version and description.

The WiFi Router List automatically refreshes every minute. Click  to enable/disable the auto refresh function.

Above the list is the Add function. Click  to display the Move to, DeleteExport, and Reboot functions. For more information, refer to Basic Router Operations.

The Search function supports fuzzy queries based on the serial number, alias and description, and also supports queries based on online/offline status.

Click the record in the Sync column to open the Config Status page. On this page, you can deliver one or all configurations. WiFi Router List-2.png

The number of devices which have available firmware for upgrade is displayed on the upper-left corner of the AP List page. Click New Firmware to display the New Firmware List. Then click Go To Upgrade to enter the MAINTENANCE UPGRADE > Upgrade page. WiFi Router List-3.png

For more information, refer to Device Details.

2. Device Details

Click the serial number in the device list to open the details page for a single device. The page displays detailed device information, including basic information, performance data, speed data, client data, online/offline status, and device logs.

Router information is described as:

l Router Info Device Details-1.png

The basic information includes serial number, MAC address, management IP address, device model, configuration status, firmware version, hardware version, alias, and description.

l Status Device Details-2.png

The performance data includes the router connection status, online client count, CPU usage, and memory usage.

l Connectivity Device Details-3.png

Router connectivity refers to the connectivity (online status) between router and Cloud Service within a period (1 day or 7 days).

l Speed Summary Device Details-4.png

You can choose to view the router speed statistics in the last 24 hours or the last 1 week.

l Device Log Device Details-5.png

The device log records the historical operations, including online/offline, restart and upgrade records, and supports queries based on the log type and period.

3. Basic Router Operations

l Add Basic Router Operations-1.png

Select the network, and click Add. Both batch import and manual add are supported.

Click Download Template to download the template, enter router information, and click ‘.xls’ File to import the template. Basic Router Operations-2.png

Click Add a Device, enter SN and alias of the AP, and click OK. Click image.png to add multiple APs. Basic Router Operations-3.png

l Move to Basic Router Operations-4.png

Select one or multiple devices in the WiFi Router List, click More > Move to, select the new network and click OK. Basic Router Operations-5.png

l Delete Basic Router Operations-6.png

Select one or multiple devices in the WiFi Router List, click More > Delete and click OK.

l Reboot Basic Router Operations-7.png

Select one or multiple devices in the WiFi Router List, and click Reboot.

4. Web CLI

Select one or multiple devices in the WiFi Router List, and click Web CLI. The Web CLI dialog box is displayed, and device information can be queried via the menus in this dialog box. The menus vary with the products. Web CLI-1.png

In the command entry box, the TAB key and question mark (?) both can complete a command.

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