Log in to Ruijie Cloud

Updated on 2021-01-14

1. Registering Account

If you do not have a Ruijie Cloud account, you can register on Ruijie Cloud App or on https://cloud.ruijienetworks.com. Click Sign up to register an account. 

  20210114091259202cbee213ce1bbb381.png  202101140915191511f847450bf3d46ad.png

                                                          Web                                                                            App

Enter the following information (Enter your Email address in the Username text box).

图片.png    20210114091747278ec3614a5bec38124.png

                                            Web                                                                 App

After registering an account, you can log in to Ruijie Cloud immediately.

2. Log in 

Open Ruijie Cloud App and log in.


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