Quick Provisioning

Updated on 2022-08-22

1. Provisioning by App

1.1 Reyee Provisioning by SON

When there are only Reyee devices in the network, Ruijie Cloud App provides the quick setup and configuration by self-organizing network(SON). 


1) Tap Create Your First Project to add a new project.

2) Select Connect to Wi-Fi.

3) Ensure there is only 1 router that can assign the IP address.

4) Connect to the SSID starting with “@Ruijie”.

5) Return to the App, and Ruijie Cloud will automatically detect devices in the network.

6) Enter the project name and management password, and select the scenario.

7) Select the Internet connection type.

8) Select Wireless, and configure SSID, password and country code.

Enter the project to manage your network.

1.2 Enterprise Network Quick Setup

Ruijie Cloud App provides a quick start to Create Network and Add Device. You can follow the steps below to finish provisioning.


1) Tap Create Your First Project

2) Select Scan or enter SN.

3) Scan the QR-code on the back of device.

4) Enter the project name and SSID.

5) Enter the project to manage your network.

6) Tap Add Device to add other devices.

Note: For S2910 switches and EGs, you need to manually configure the CWMP on the device (Please refer to the Chapter 3.2.3 Connect Device to Ruijie Cloud). 

2. Provisioning by Manual Configuration

To connect a device to Ruijie Cloud, manually perform the following operations:

1) If no QR code is attached on the back of the device, log in to Ruijie Cloud on https://cloud.ruijienetworks.com, and manually add the device serial number.

2) If CWMP is not configured for a device (for example, RG-S2910 switch and gateway) by default, manually configure the CWMP function to connect the device to Ruijie Cloud.

Note: Only EGs in the Gateway Mode can be managed on Ruijie Cloud.

2.1 Adding Network

1) Choose CONFIGURATION NETWORKS, and click Add Network.


2) On the Add Network Basic page, enter a network name.


3) Specify the network location.


4) On the Add NetworkWiFi Settings page, enter the Wi-Fi information as required.


5) Enter the SN and Alias of APs, switches and gateways, and click Save & Next. Or click Batch Import to download the template, enter the device information in the table, and then batch import devices into the system.



2.2 Add Device

You can add devices during the network creation (3.2.1 Add Network), or add devices on the AP, AC, Switch, Gateway, WiFi Router or Bridge List pages.

The following example is to add an AP to the network. You can add other type of devices in the corresponding list.


Note: Before a gateway is authorized, it is shown in the Unauthorized Gateway List. If the authorization is failed, you can click Re-authorize in the Action column to re-enter the Web Password to re-authorize the device.


2.3 Connect Device to Ruijie Cloud

The CWMP addresses vary from Clouds. The cloud services and the corresponding addresses are shown as below: 

Cloud Service

CWMP Address


Acs url http://cwmpsvr-as.ruijienetworks.com/service/tr069servlet


Acs url http://cwmpsvr-eu.ruijienetworks.com/service/tr069servlet


Acs url http://cwmpsvr-ru.ruijienetworks.com/service/tr069servlet

l CLI-based configuration (for non-DHCP address allocation)

1) Connect the console cable to a device, enter the command line interface, and run required                 commands below.

For details of accessing the command line interface, refer to the Console Management chapter of WLAN-COOKBOOK. The CWMP configuration is the same for APs, switches and EGs.


    Ruijie(config-cwmp)#acs url http://devicereg.ruijienetworks.com/service/tr069servlet

(or you can change devicereg.ruijienetworks.com  to correct cloud domain, such as: cwmpsvr-as.ruijienetworks.com or cwmpsvr-eu.ruijienetworks.com)

    Ruijie(config-cwmp)#cpe inform interval 180


    *Jun 27 16:31:47: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by console Ruijie#wr

Management IP address and DNS domain should be configured correctly for Internet access.

Command to configure the DNS server: Ruijie(config)#ip name-server

2) Run the show cwmp command to verify the configuration.


If a value of Session retry times is 0 in the command output, the device is successfully connected to Ruijie Cloud.

l Configuration based on DHCP Option 43 (for DHCP address allocation)

Run the following commands to configure the Ruijie Cloud server address in the DHCP Option 43        field of the DHCP server for specified devices.

    ip dhcp pool devicegroup1




    option 43 ascii http://devicereg.ruijienetworks.com/service/tr069servlet

After the device is assigned with an IP address by the DHCP server, the connection request carrying    the DHCP Option 43 field will be sent to Ruijie Cloud.

l Configuration by eWeb (for EG device)

Select Advanced > Central Management in the eWeb system of EG device, enable Central            Management, set Management Type as MACC, and click Save.


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