Ruijie Cloud V1.9 Updated on February 15th 2019

Updated on 2021-01-14

New Features

1. Add the custom function for the Portal Page. Users can customize logo, background image, text color, button position etc.

2. Add Portuguese in the Captive Portal mode.

3.  Upgrade the monitoring and management function for gateways. Add the port panel and summaries of WAN/LAN ports. Add the Telnet and SSH tunnel for users to connect to gateways.

4.  Add the monitoring and management function for S5750C switch and improve the time for data loading.


1. When adding a network, the default IP Assignment mode changes to Clients Share Address Pool with AP from Clients Obtain IP Addresses from AP.

2. When adding an SSID, the default Forward Mode changes to  Bridge from NAT and the default VLAN ID is 1.

3. The Password of SSID is allowed to enter !#*_-.

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