Ruijie Cloud V3.11.0 Release Note Updated on Nov 29, 2022

Updated on 2023-01-17

During the upgrade, there is no impact to Cloud service, all devices are still active.

New Features

1. Support 802.11k/11v Roaming. The seamless roaming performance of Wi-Fi signals is further improved through the 802.11k and 802.11v protocols (only Reyee APs with P206 version will be supported).



2. Support Reyee AP Mesh function. Easily to extend the Wi-Fi coverage through Meshing, And Reyee AP automatically scans and selects the best uplink AP in the network.


3. Support Intranet Access function. Through intranet accessing, you can create a remote tunnel to access the eWeb page of intranet Ruijie/Reyee devices or local server resources.  (In order to use this function, you must go to the device detail page to open the custom tunnel before)


4. Support ARP Spoofing Guard function. By enabling ARP Spoofing Guard, you can protect the hosts on the LAN from ARP spoofing attacks.


5. Support Loop Prevention function. Enabling loop protection can avoid network congestion and disconnection caused by loops.


6. Support DHCP Snooping function. After the DHCP Snooping feature is enabled, a client on the original network will not be able to obtain an IP address assigned by the private router, thus ensuring network stability.


7. Support exporting editable Word format of delivery reports.


8. Support Auth Client. Easy to check online authentication clients and login log history, and kickoff online authenticated client to re-auth.


9. Fixed some bugs.








In bridge   mode, VLAN 233 is not available.

In bridge   mode, the VLAN ID of SSID could not be ‘VLAN233’ if there is an SSID working   in NAT mode on the same AP. Reason: VLAN233 will be used as the internal VLAN   if one or more SSID work in NAT mode.



In the   management mode, AP with multiple uplink LAN ports only takes the port LAN 1   as uplink port.

For devices   with dual power supply ports, like AP740-I, AP840-I, only going online   through LAN1 is supported by MACC.


History Record

It will take a   while for searching the history.

When the data   of historical users, connection logs and etc. reach to a million count, the   corresponding search operation will take a long time (around 10 seconds).Both   big data and server performance cause the problem.



Client log   export failure.

Client data   export will fail if the number of records is more than 100,000.



PPSK can be   configured in the root network only.

Only the Sub   account user who is assigned with the root network is able to configure PPSK.


Captive portal

Captive portal   seamless is globally configured on APs.

If one   portal's SSID enables seamless, all portals' SSIDs will be enabled at the   same time, vice-versa for the disable function.



The NAT   address pool mode is changed. An address pool is required.

When you   create or edit an SSID and set Forward Mode to NAT, the NAT address pool is   changed. An address pool is required.


Sub account

It is   recommended to select a layer-1 network to create a sub account.

Only the sub   account of layer-1 network can view statistics in Analysis.


Facebook Like

An error   occurs if the iPhone user taps Like during authentication.

If the user   authenticates to SSID through the popup page which contains Facebook Like   function, when he taps the Like button, an error will occur. In order to   normally use Facebook Like function, it is recommended to access the Internet   through a browser after connecting to SSID, and then open the portal page.


Change the   time zone of network

After the time   zone is changed, the data of existing reports are not consistent with the new   time zone.

After the time   zone is changed, the data of existing reports will not be recounted, so the   statistics are not consistent with the new time zone. The data of   newly-generated reports are correct.



Voucher   limitation of each network.

Up to 20,000   vouchers can be added to each network (including sub network), and up to   1,000 vouchers can be exported.



Tunnel   limitation on EG

In the same   tenant, up to 10 tunnels can be created.

On the same   device, up to 5 tunnels can be created.

The expiry   time for the tunnel is 3 hours.



Limitation on   historical clients displaying.

Up to 1000   historical clients are displayed.


AC Management

VAC limitation

Not support the VAC   scenario


AC Management

AC RRM   limitation

Only when the country   code is CN(China) or US(United States), RRM is supported.


AC Management

AC   configuration limitation

Only APs in the default   group of AC can be configured on Cloud.


Reyee AP

Not support   PPSK, Portal auth and RRM

PPSK, Portal Auth and   Cloud RRM are not supported on Reyee APs.


Portal SMS

SMS login

Not support phone number   reporting and online policy control.


Hand over Project  

Hand over a project   to another account

The project to be handed over should have less than 100 sub projects.

20 Reyee AP Network Group Level Recomend not to add subgroup for Reyee APs, if required, only one level of subgroup can be used. 

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