Ruijie Cloud V3.6.1 Release Note Updated on Apr 6, 2022

Updated on 2022-05-24

1. Unify the Device Details page of Ruijie Enterprise and Reyee gateways/switches.


2. Unify the roaming configuration of Ruijie Enterprise APs and Reyee APs. Note: Roaming is enabled on Reyee APs based on SSID. 


3. Improve the Wi-Fi Optimization function. Support scheduled optimization and configuration synchronization.


4. Add the account deletion function. Before deleting an account, all devices in the account should be deleted. After the account is deleted, all data will be cleared and can not be recovered, and the same Email can not be used for registration again. 


5. Support registration for portal login. The user can sign up with Email for authentication (beta). 


6. The profile of Voucher/Account authentication is automatically synchronized to the User Group of Reyee EG. The user-based rate limit will take effect automatically (the version of Reyee EG should be R86). 

7. Optimize the alarm settings. The user can configure alarms for different types of devices.


8. Other improvement and fix bugs:

a. Support S53 and S5760-X series switches

b. Increase the max number of exported client  lists from 1000 to 20000

c. Other bugs

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