Ruijie Cloud V7.0.0 Release Note Updated on April 21, 2023

Updated on 2023-06-01

During the upgrade, there is no impact to Cloud service, all devices are still active.

New Features

(These features are available on the new UI)

1. Support Hotspot Policy

  • Support AP/Gatgeway unified configuration

  • Support multiple login methods, one-click login, Voucher, Account, SMS verification, registered account

  • Support multi-language and flexible customization of Portal pages.

Select Project > Configuration > Auth & Accounts > Hotspot Policy

image (14).png

image (15).png

image (16).png

image (17).png

image (18).png

2. Support Data Insights

Select Project > Monitoring > Network-Wide > Data Insights

image (19).png

image (20).png

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