Subgroup Limitation

Updated on 2022-11-04

From 3rd December 2021, Ruijie cloud will limit the number of Sub Projects (Subgroup) in each project. The MAX number of Sub Project should be less than 30 in a project. 

Do not know what is a Sub Project? Here is an example about Sub Project and Project:  


Please use Project Group and Project for network hierarchy management, The MAX number of Projects and Sub Projects in a Project Group should be less than 800. if Projects are not under the Project Group Type (such as created by Ruijie Cloud App), the Project number is not limit.  If a Sub Project is not a MUST, you’d better not create it. Create a Sub Project only when some devices require different network configuration. To find your devices quickly or distinguish different groups, it is recommended to configure the alias.

Here is an example about Project Group and Project for reference:


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