How to unbind your devices?

Updated on 2021-01-19

Cloud now supports unbinding devices on RGOS APs and switches.

1. Log in to Ruijie Cloud, and click Unbind Device on the upper right corner.

10 Unbind Device-1.png

2. Enter the device SN, click Get URL to get the URL. The URL is valid for 24 hours and can be used once only.

10 Unbind Device-2.png

3. Configure the ACS URL of device as the URL above.

1) Enter configuration mode

    Ruijie# conf

2) Enter cwmp mode

    Ruijie(config)# cwmp

3) Configure the URL

    Ruijie(config-cwmp)# acs url

4) Save the configuration

    Ruijie(config-cwmp)# end

    Ruijie# wr

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