Sub Account

Updated on 2022-11-04

The Sub Account List displays the information of sub accounts. Click image.png in the Action column to edit the sub account. Click image.png in the Action column to delete the sub account.

9.2 Sub Account-1.png

Click Add Sub Account to add a new sub account. Select the network, enter the Email in the Username box and click Send Code. Enter the security code contained in the Email, set the password, language, full name, expiration date, mobile and role, and click Save.

Role: Admin owns the permissions to create an account. Employee owns the permissions to edit data. Operator owns the permissions to print voucher and view account data. Guest owns the permissions to view data.

9.2 Sub Account-2.png

The existing sub account can be added to the network so that a sub account can manage multiple networks.

9.2 Sub Account-3.png

You can edit the name of project sharers for easy recognition. 6-1.png  

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