Wireless Roaming

Updated on 2022-11-04

To deploy a network for a new branch, a WiFi network "SSID-FREE" is provided for external personnel for free. The WLAN for clients on floor 3 is divided into VLAN 10, and the WLAN for clients on floor 4 is divided into VLAN 20. The roaming function is supported, and the uplink and downlink rates of all clients are limited to 100 Kbps. 

11.1 Wireless Roaming.png

1. Adding Network

Network planning is realized using Network.


2) Click Add Network to add “TestHotel” Network.

3) Click Add Sub Network to add “Building1” and “Building2” network, as shown in the following figure. You can add more networks according to this method.

11.1.1 Adding Network-1.png

4) Choose CONFIGURATION NETWORKS More Edit, and select the TestHotel network.

11.1.1 Adding Network-2.png

5) Enter a location name in the search box, select the location marked by image.png on the map, and then click Save.

11.1.1 Adding Network-3.png

6) Choose MONITORING DEVICE AP, select the TestHotel Building1 network, and click Add to add APs. APs can be imported in batches or added one by one. Accordingly, add other APs in the TestHotel > Building2 network.

11.1.1 Adding Network-4.png

2. Enabling Roaming Function


2) Select the TestHotel network.

3) Enable the roaming function for this Network.

11.1.2 Enabling Roaming Function-1.png

3. Adding Configuration


11.1.3 Adding Configurations-1.png

2) Click + under SSID, enter SSID-FREE in the SSID text box, set Forward Mode as Bridge, set VLAN ID as 10, set Rate limit as 100 KB/s, and click Save.

11.1.3 Adding Configurations-2.png

3) Add the Building2 network with VLAN ID 20 according to the same method.

11.1.3 Adding Configurations-3.png

4. Importing APs

Bind AP1 and AP2 to the Building1 network, and bind AP3 and AP4 to the Building2 network.

5. APs Online

Gateway Configuration:

Add the AP address pool:

Building1 client address pool:; gateway:; VLAN: 10

Building2 client address pool:; gateway:; VLAN: 20

PoE Switch Configuration:

On the port through which the PoE switch is connected to the AP, configure a trunk port with the native ID set to 1 by default, and add VLAN 10 and VLAN 20.

6. Verification

6.1 Connecting to WiFi Signals

Connect a mobile phone to the WiFi network properly for Internet access.

6.2 Testing Wireless Roaming

Connect a mobile phone with the WiFi network “SSID-FREE”, and go upstairs from Building1 to Building2. Reconnection and Internet access failure do not occur.

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