Updated on 2022-11-04

Select MONITORING > CLIENT to open the Client page.

5.6 Client.png

1. Client List

This Client List displays the information about online clients and historical clients of the current network. 

You can switch between Online Clients and History ClientsThe client information includes basic information, AP Location, band, and online time.

5.6.1 Client List-1.png

Click MAC in Client List, and the Client Details page is displayed.

2. Client Details

l  Client Info


Client Info includes alias, online status, MAC etc.

l Performance

5.6.2 Client Details-2.png

5.6.2 Client Details-3.png

Performance displays the traffic summary etc.

l Online/Offline Record

5.6.2 Client Details-4.png

Online/Offline Record displays AP SN, AP alias, IP, SSID etc.

l Roaming Record

Roaming Record displays roam-in AP, source AP, SSID etc.

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