Updated on 2022-11-04

After logging in, the Dashboard appears, or you can click Dashboard in the menu to open the page.


l  Overview

5.1 Dashboard-2.png

Overview displays the statistics of APs, switches, gateways and clients. The upper number indicates the number of online devices, and the lower number indicates the total number of devices.

l  Alarms

5.1 Dashboard-3.png

Alarms displays the number of uncleared alarms, new alarms today and total alarms generated this week.

l  Registered Devices Distribution

5.1 Dashboard-4.png

The map displays the device distribution by default. Devices are displayed in network, and the number on icon indicates the device number. Point to the icon, and the device and alarm number are displayed.

5.1 Dashboard-5.png

Click image.png to bind the network. In the Unbound Network List, you can drag a device to the map to bind the location; on map, you can drag a network to change its location, or click Unbind to unbind the location. 

l  2.4G / 5G Clients

5.1 Dashboard-6.png

The chart displays the statistics of clients using 2.4G and 5G.

l  Channel Distribution and Usage

5.1 Dashboard-7.png

The chart displays the channel statistics.

5.1 Dashboard-8.png

For more information, point to a channel. The channel usage is graded as:

Idle: 0% to 59%

Busy: 60% to 79%

Overload: 80% to 100%

l  WiFi Client Summary

5.1 Dashboard-9.png

The chart displays the trend of recent clients.

l  Top 10 Networks by Traffic

5.1 Dashboard-10.png

The table displays the top 10 networks ranked by traffic.

l  Top 10 WiFi Clients by Traffic

5.1 Dashboard-11.png

The chart displays the top 10 clients ranked by traffic.

l  Top 10 APs by Traffic

5.1 Dashboard-12.png

The table displays the top 10 APs ranked by traffic.

l  Top 10 SSIDs by Traffic

5.1 Dashboard-13.png

The chart displays the top 10 SSIDs ranked by traffic.

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