Remote Assistance

Updated on 2022-11-04

Remote Assistance aims to provide a quick access for Ruijie Support to log in your Ruijie Cloud for configuration and troubleshooting. Ruijie will not change your settings without your permission.

1. Configuration Steps

1) Click Remote Assistance on the top right navigation bar.

8.3.1 Configuration Steps-1.png

Or click image.png in the lower right corner, an online-help window will appear. Then click please click here.

8.3.1 Configuration Steps-2.png

2) Set the permission of remote assistance: In the Read-only mode, Ruijie Support can check but not modify user data; in the Read and Write mode, Ruijie Support can check and modify user data.

3) Copy and share this link and password to Ruijie Support.

Note: Ruijie will not take any responsibility if remote assistance session is shared to non-Ruijie staff and services are interrupted.

8.3.1 Configuration Steps-3.png

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