User Policy for Ruijie Cloud DDNS Service

Updated on 2022-12-28

The User Policy for Ruijie Cloud Service (the “Policy”) describes the general and specific terms and conditions applicable to your purchase and use of the Ruijie Cloud Ruijie DDNS Service (the “Service”) offered or made available through the website currently located at the URL: (“Ruijie Cloud Platform”). This Policy is a legally binding agreement between you as the purchaser and/or user of the Service (the “Client”) and Ruijie Networks Co., Ltd or any of its affiliates (“Ruijie”). This Policy shall apply equally to the Client and the Client’s permitted users, and the Client shall ensure its permitted users comply with this Policy. If you do not agree to be bound by this Policy, you are not permitted to access or use the Service or its related services.

User’s Commitment on No Illegal, Offensive or Prohibited Uses

You shall not use the Services to violate any applicable laws, rules, or regulations issued or promulgated by any competent government authority (including without limitation, any applicable data protection, import, re-import, export, strategic goods control, and re-export control laws, including any applicable license requirements, and international or country-specific sanctions programs).

Without limiting the foregoing, you shall not use the Services for, or in connection with, the following: (a) theft or infringement of copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, or other types of intellectual property or proprietary information; (b) fraud, forgery, or theft or misappropriation of funds, credit cards, or personal information; (c) export, re-export, or transfer of restricted software, algorithms, or other data in violation of applicable export control laws; (d) deceptive practices such as spreading malware, running malicious botnets, phishing or pharming; (e) distributing any materials or information of a threatening or harmful nature, including without limitation, threats of death or physical harm, or materials that are malicious, harassing, libelous, defamatory, which harm Ruijie’s reputation, or which facilitate extortion; (f) distributing any offensive materials or information, including, without limitation, materials that are obscene, constitute illegal pornography, indecent, or hateful and materials which promote illegal gambling or discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age; (g) violating the security or integrity of any network, electronic service, or other system that is accessible through, or in connection with, the Services; (h) distributing “spam” emails, bulk unsolicited instant messages, or any other form of unsolicited electronic communications distributed on a bulk basis to recipients with which You have no preexisting business or personal relationship; (i) engaging in other acts violating the laws and regulations or harming Ruijie’s interests or reputation.

Rights and Remedies

If Ruijie has reason to believe that any of your conduct breaches any of the above commitments, Ruijie may at its sole discretion notify you of our awareness of such breach and may at its sole discretion take any relevant enforcement actions against you as deemed adequate and necessary in light of the circumstances, including but not limited to, requesting you to remove any unlawful content, disabling or suspending your right to use any Service, restricting your access to the Ruijie Cloud Platform, suspending or terminating your account, etc..

Ruijie may cooperate with legal authorities or other appropriate third parties in connection with any investigation of your conduct violating this Policy and disclose user data as requested by such legal authorities or third parties. Ruijie is also entitled to claim against you for all loss causing due to your conduct violating this Policy, including but not limited to the costs of Ruijie for cooperation investigation with, and defending against, any of legal authorities or third parties.

Change of Policy

You acknowledge and agree that Ruijie may amend this Policy at any time by posting the relevant amended and restated Policy on Ruijie Cloud Platform. By continuing to use the Service after the posting of the amended and restated user policy, you agree that the amended user policy will apply to you.

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